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I started La Selva Art Studios for people who enjoy making art in many forms and my goal is for the studio to expand to a variety of age groups, encouraging exploration of artmaking techniques through workshops, classes, and events. My hope is for artists to meet other artists in this setting and together, through these practices, we feel more connected to our community.


For school-age kids, It is my belief that the magic happens after school or during breaks because it provides a unique avenue of self-expression that is equally important to what happens during school time. As a parent myself, I believe that whatever your child’s passions are, we must help them to cultivate it. That's where they thrive. Making art regularly starts a practice that encourages individuality, self-empowerment, and personal development.

together we make space for creativity to grow

My favorite beings are: my partner, Zach, 2 kids, Olivia & Alex, 2 dogs, Biba & Beau, 2 cats, Pablo & Lola, I received my BFA in Painting & Drawing from University of Florida in 2004. I started working on the idea of La Selva in 2018 after my grandmother, Selva Rodriquez, passed away. I graduated with my MA in Art Ed in 2020. My research in grad school was focused on Community Art Centers. I have lived and been a part of Gainesville’s art community since 2001 after growing up 2 hours away in Winter Park, FL.

Loves: listening to music very loudly, cutting up magazines for collage making, mixing paint, screenprinting t-shirts & stationary, sketching ideas for a whole painting series, making my kids chuckle, meeting fun, new people who care about important things, fighting against injustices, biking to meditation class, amateur landscape design, dancing in the dark, jumping into large bodies of water, strolling through museums, traveling as much as possible, exploring new places, collaborating with creative people, meditating in groups, being barefoot, Ideas that never stop, adventure, people that love humor, kids that keep digging up new ideas, astrology & tarot, underdogs, watching movies, and supportive communities!

about me:

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a longer look

2024 - 1990


during my master's program, i focused on researching independent community art centers. there was a deep calling to provide space for people to gather and connect through artmaking. after graduation, from 2020 to 2021, i wrote a business plan and slowly gathered funds. in 2021, i opened la selva art studios. it was a full circle moment.  


during the pregnancy of my second child, i developed an online kid's apparel shop. i needed a creative outlet while i was a stay at home mom. i had taken a screenprinting class and absolutely loved it. i was so inspired by my kids and called the business sweet wild press.


i called this series ghost. we unknowingly lived in a haunted house for about 4 months. a lot of weird activity happened and all these photos were taken at that house. a few months after moving, i printed the photos on a black and white cheap printer, all the images barely appeared. the toner was out of ink and these ghostlike images emerged.