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Moon Magic Meeting details:
Age groups:
18 and up

Schedule times and cost breakdown:
Days:  Sundays
Time:  6:00-8:00p
Season Duration:  Winter = 6 meetings Mar 13-May 22
Price: 1 meeting costs $35-45 or

1 season (all 6 meetings) costs $200

Our classes are limited capacity and fill up fast -
Registration is only through our website so reserve now!
Moon Magic Meeting fees are non-refundable.

Must wear a mask indoors

We provide:
All materials for the workshop

Teachers are fully vaccinated + boosted

Megan Green (2).png

Megan Green is an enthusiastic student of Astrology. 


A 5-placement-Virgo with a Libra moon, she has an intuitive understanding of patterns and a deep love of helping people. Her studies have brought her to the realization that there is a system to the chaos and with the right tools and translation, we can all be empowered to make the most of our lives.


Megan predominantly uses Traditional, Whole Sign astrology. Her simple techniques and teaching style bring the universe down-to-earth making astrology practical and accessible to everyone.

Moon magic meetings combine art and astrology so participants can learn about current astrological events to use as inspiration for creating. 

Astrologer Megan Green will discuss basic astrological concepts while participants engage in creative projects led by La Selva’s Art Educator, Mel DeFabrizio. Creative projects include cyanotype tapestries, intention-setting yarn bombs, symbolic relief prints, and more.

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